Frequently Asked Questions

Can signs be intercepted?

No, signs are completely secure!  The information is encrypted to ensure communication only goes to your team.

How far can they transmit?

Let's just say a great deal farther than the size of a baseball or softball field!  We'll let you have fun trying that out if interested.

Does the device send letters?

Yes. While the earlier versions of the product used numbers only, you can now send signs utilizing letters or numbers. For more information, visit the Blog section of our website.

How long does a fully charged battery last?

A charged device lasts about 5-6 hours.  You can charge a dead battery in about 1 hour.  Charging is done via a micro-usb charging cable.

Can the receivers transmit back to the coach?

No, the communication is one way.  Keypads send digits to the receivers and there is no communication in the other direction.