Simple. Fast. Secure.

Approved for use by NCAA baseball/softball and NFHS baseball.

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University of Missouri - FALL 2019

Watch pitching coach Fred Corral of Mizzou relay signals to the catcher using our custom keypad.  This 4 pitch at bat takes 48 seconds.  Quick math tells me that's just 12 seconds per pitch, including the throw back to the pitcher.

Get in the Game

Change the pace of the game and change the way you play!

Game Day Signals is a digital system that sends coaching signs to players.

Keeping it Simple

Coaching signs can be overly complex, take too long, or be stolen.

We make signs simple, fast, and secure.

How it Works

Using a 10 digit keypad, send signs to small receivers worn by players.

Call pitches by sending a 2 digit code.

(e.g. "15" communicates: 1 = fastball, 5 = down the middle.)

Batting and base running signs are as easy as:

1 = bunt, 2 = steal, 3 = hit-and-run