NEW Text Display Software Version Available

NEW Text Display Software Version Available

This new software version allows the display of text or numbers on player and coach units. It is compatible with all current models and will allow up to two lines of text with up to 10 characters on each line.  You will be able to create your own custom sign list, consisting of up to 99 user defined text signals.  

Steps to get started:

For units purchased after June 1, 2023, the software update was included in your purchase but will still need to be downloaded/installed by following the directions below.  For any units purchased prior to June 1, 2023, there is a software upgrade fee of $59/unit.  For those customers that need to purchase the upgrade, go to, click on the Store link, add the appropriate quantity of software upgrades to your cart (1 for each player and coach unit you have), and complete the checkout process.

Once you are eligible for the software upgrade, you can navigate to and click the "SIGN UP" link.  After creating your login information, your request will be sent to our queue for review and approval.  Once we approve your request, you will receive a confirmation email.  You can return to and log in with the credentials you previously created.  

You will need to download the new version of the software to your units first.  You can find a video tutorial for this step here:  Update Device Software Video

Next, you will have to pair your units since the software update resets the units.  You can find a video tutorial for this step here:  How To Pair Units Video

Next, you can begin creating your custom sign list.  You can find a video tutorial for this step here:  Custom Text List Video

Make sure to follow the steps in the videos closely to ensure you get your devices set up correctly.  If you run into issues, reach out to us at

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