User Guide

Getting Started

Initializing New Player Units

  • The coaching unit is configured with a unique coaching key (pin number)
  • Send the key by pressing **********# (10 *s) while the player unit is within 1 foot
  • Example: **********#
  • Video Demo

Create New Coaching Key (optional)

  • This changes the coaching key that links player units to the coaching unit
  • You must be within 1 foot of the player unit to link
  • The command is *** {7 digits} #
  • Example: ***1234567#
  • Video Demo


  • About 1 hour is required to fully charge the battery
  • The battery lasts about 8 hours
  • A red or blue light indicates the battery is charging

Sleep Mode

  • The coaching and player units go into sleep mode after being idle for 10 minutes
  • The coaching unit can be activated by pressing any key
  • The player units can be activated by flipping them upside down


Sending Signals

  • Signals are digits sent to players communicating activities for the upcoming play
  • You can enter up to 6 digits and submit the information by pressing #
  • Example: to send 123456, you would type 123456#

Clear Display

  • This will clear the last signal on the  player unit
  • Example: *#

Set Auto Send Sign Length

  • If your signs are always the same length, use this feature instead of the # to send
  • The command is **0{digits}
  • Example: **02# (This will cause the sign to send when the second digit is entered)
  • Example: **00# (Disables feature, now require # to send signs)
  • Video Demo

Toggle Vibration Mode

  • This will toggle the vibration setting for player units
  • If the toggle is on, a vibration will be sent to the player units for each signal
  • Example: **1#
  • Video Demo

Show Current Coaching Key

  • This will show you the active coaching key identifier
  • Example: **2#

Show Radio Strength

  • This will display a number that reflects the radio strength of player units
  • Example: **3#

Toggle Tic Toc

  • This mode will alternate putting a period "." infront or behind your pitch call
  • This is helpful when not using the timeout feature, but sending the same pitch call on consecutive pitches
  • The change in where the period is located, helps confirm to the catcher that a new pitch call has arrived
  • Example: **4#
  • Video Demo

Toggle Play Count

  • Use this feature if you want to keep a running tally of the number if signs you have given.
  • The command is **5{digits}
  • Example: **50# (this turns on the counter and sets the play count to 0)
  • Example: **554# (this turns on the counter and sets the play count to 54)
  • Example: **5# (Disables feature, removing the counter from the top right of the display)

Show Unit Information

  • This will display the serial number and version of the unit
  • Example: **9#

Resend Coaching Key

  • This will resend the last coaching key to a player unit
  • The coaching unit must be within 1 foot of a player unit to link
  • Example: **********#
  • Video Demo

Signal Timeout

  • This will set a timer for how long a play call remains on the player unit
  • This setting can be activated by sending *{digit}#
  • You can set the timeout to be 1 to 9 seconds.
  • Example: *5# (this will set the timer to 5 seconds)
  • Example: *0# (this deactivates the timeout feature)
  • Video Demo

Clearing Errors

  • If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can clear a call before sending it
  • Pressing the * key will clear the numbers you entered and allow you to start over



UserGuide (pdf)


Brochure (pdf)