Quick Demo #1 - Timeout Mode

Choose your timeout.  This mode allows the last sign sent to clear after your timeout seconds.  Now you are ready for the next pitch without having to manually clear the previous sign.

Quick Demo #2 - Vibration Mode

Vibration mode serves as a cue to the catcher that a sign has just arrived.  If your catchers have their noses on their glove too much, give this feature a try.

Quick Demo #3 - Pairing receivers

When you get new receivers, use this feature to get them to communicate with your coaching keypad.  You can also change your coaching pin number.  Changing the pin number is only important if you lose a receiver and you don't know what team may have found it!

Quick Demo #4 - Signals to multiple receivers

Watch as 30 player units receive and clear signals at the same time.  We can handle getting your team on the same page!